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Mindflow aims to positively impact your mental and physical well-being in everyday life. 

Our practical guidance via a multimedia approach can truly transform your life through consistent practice. We invite you to explore Mindflow’s offerings, including online streaming classes, ebooks, audio, and more. Mindflow’s goal is to fuse the ancient with the modern to develop impactful, useful wellness strategies benefiting both mind and body. We not only develop programs for individuals but also groups, athletic teams, small businesses and corporations.

Mindflow's Wellness Offerings


Mindflow offers personalized meditations, motivational visualizing sessions, guided mindfulness exercises, and groundbreaking Heptawave technology.

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Explore Mindflow’s extensive library of Print and eBooks, encompassing a holistic range of topics from meditation to diet, mindset, exercise, and beyond.

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Discover Mindflow’s personalized guided meditations and streaming sessions, via download, streaming, and other informative video content online.

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Classes are currently in production, including an 8-part Mindfulness Class, Apex Mind Course, and Apeiron Meditation Instruction.

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Finding Balance & Peace

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