Mindflow is a secular meditation studio and consultation company. We have classes featuring mindfulness instruction, sound baths (singing bowls, gongs and music), traditional meditation practices, relaxation sessions and more.  We also operate a retail store carrying, but not limited to: cognitive enhancement supplements, meditation supplies, mind machines and a variety of tea and coffee.

Our goal at Mindflow is to offer you a safe place where you can experience mediation and be at peace in this bustling world. We are down-to-earth and teach within a non-judgmental atmosphere. Mindflow is ready to guide you on your meditation journey every step of the way. We strive for our classes to benefit you in your daily life. We want your practice with us to have a lasting effect on your mental and physical well-being. With dedicated practice, it can truly transform your life.

Mindfulness/meditation works and the positive results are real, backed by scientific research.  The benefits from ongoing meditation practice are numerous including better sleep, less anxiety and stress, better dealing with pain and increased happiness and calm.

Mindflow’s ultimate goal is to help you unplug, unwind and relax. If you are simply interested in learning about mediation or are a seasoned practitioner looking for a place to practice with others, then Mindflow is the place to be. We have classes for people spanning all ages and backgrounds. Join us!

Mindflow combines ancient meditation practices
with modern technology.

Colorful Immersion

We use LED lights in the room to generate a variety of colors, immersing you in the moment.

During our crystal bowl meditation, different colors ignite each bowl while they sing to you.


Mindflow utilizes wireless headphones. These stream background music or sounds of nature. There is an added intimacy and closeness to the guided headphone meditations.

We are able to bring these to your location.

Surround Sound

Many of our meditations use music and sounds. You will be engulfed in the sound of an ocean wave while being guided by voice toward an inner peace.  You will feel the rumble of the wave within your heart.

Dedicated Teachers

You can rest assured your teacher is qualified and passionate about meditation.

Mindflow is driven to provide an outstanding enlightening experience for every client.

One on One

In addition to our studio classes and on-site corporate/athletic group trainings, we offer customized coaching for individuals. We can come to your location to provide personalized one-on-one experiences for you.

Feel Calm

In our classes our goal is simply for you to find some calm. Our sessions are intended to lift you higher both mentally and physically. It’s always a positive trip to boost your mood and renew your mind.

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