Meditation Classes


You must pre-register for meditation classes no later than 2 hours in advance. See below for pricing.
Please reserve your spot on Vagaro and pay at studio.

Mindflow offers several different classes/workshops. We offer courses that run consecutively for 4, 6 or 8 weeks. The courses are on broad meditation topics that are best covered over several weeks, each week building on the previous one. We also run several drop-in classes during the week that cover a variety of useful meditation topics. Scroll down to see the “workshop” courses and the individual classes/special class (occasionally we will add some different classes not listed here so be sure to check the calendar). Register online or on the day of the class. Mindflow will also be running different events or classes in different locations so be sure to check back often or join our email list to keep updated.


February Start Dates:

Thursday, 6th - 7:00PM
Sunday, 16th - 2:00PM
Wednesday, 19th -7:00PM

An 8 week class teaching all aspects of mindfulness. You will learn about the benefits, the practical ways you can implement it into your daily life and develop an ongoing practice.

Some of topics addressed include: breathing awareness, posture, challenges during meditation, body scan, thoughts and emotional intelligence, mindfulness while moving and eating, being calm in the chaos, developing generosity and gratitude meditations, love and kindness meditations, communicating mindfully, self awareness through practice, mindfully dealing with pain, anxiety, anger, stress and fear. Ways to implement mindfulness into your daily life are also discussed.

The class will feature presentations utilizing video, actual meditation practice and interaction among participants. Zafu/Zabuton cushions are provided or straight back chairs if you do not wish to sit on the cushions. It is advised to bring a Yoga mat however we do have some available. Seating is limited so be sure to register early. Hope to see you there!

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A 6 week course exploring sounds both ancient and modern to enhance your meditation practice. Each week will feature a different sound element consisting of three parts. 1. An introduction to the instrument and/or sound. 2. Meditations utilizing the sound. 3. A discussion and Q&A to conclude the class. Each class will run 90 minutes.

The following will be used during the 6 week class along with guided meditaions:

  • Tibetan singing bowls providing both meditative sounds and vibrations.
  • A seven quartz crystal bowl meditation where the lights will dim and chromatic colors will encircle you.
  • A gong “sound bath” where you will bathe in the powerful mysterious sounds of gongs.
  • A music meditation in surround sound filling you with positive emotions and joy.
  • Sounds of nature from ocean waves, hand/ocean drums, distant birds to babbling brooks taking you on a imagined meditative journey of serenity.
  • Vocal sounds, chimes, tuning forks and chants using positive mantras to guide you to a place of purpose, awareness, deep calm and relaxation.

Zafu/Zabutons and chairs provided. You will be advised during the class to bring additional items as needed.

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This is an 6 week course. Are you an athlete training to be your best? Are you an entrepreneur wanting to take your business to the next level? Are you a sales representative striving to exceed sales goals? This class is for highly motivated individuals who want to tap into the infinite power within to enhance their mental fitness. Welcome to APEX Mind, the ultimate flow state.

APEX mind uses a three prong strategy to excel.
1. Mindfulness: Become aware of the present moment. Stop reacting emotionally and bring yourself into the present moment.
2. Meditation: MVP (Motivate Voice Power) – A mantra style mediation using powerful affirmations and gestures to anchor. Use these affirmations/movements in the playing field in order to recall your winning strategy. Take immediate control and not allow the external chaos to hinder you.
3. Envisioning: See yourself mentally as the person you wish to be and rehearse it in your mind. Remove bad habits and negative emotions that interfere with self confidence.

You train hard physically. Now train hard mentally. Achieve an APEX mind to achieve maximal performance!

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In addition to the 4, 6 and 8 week classes we offer workshops. The majority of the workshops run 45 minutes in length with a select few offering a 30 minute option. Some topics may be combined into one session. Please try to arrive 10 minutes early for workshop. Unfortunately we do not let people in once the door is closed.


When the day is nearing its end, stop by to decompress, unwind and prepare yourself for slumber. This 45 minute session will help you shut off your busy mind and get in sleep mode. Once the class is over, you’ll be able to transition much easier to bed when you arrive home.


Benefit from the healing properties of sound. Bathe in the sound and vibrational power of gongs, Tibetan singing bowls or crystal bowls. This 45 minute session features a guided meditation leading up to soothing sounds.

Self Compassion

Self-compassion is about finding a kinder and friendlier way to relate to yourself. As you look within and take time for self-observation, this class will energize your heart center and help you connect with your creativity, self-expression, and compassion. This workshop is offered in both 30 and 45 minute formats.


Listen to guided meditations, music and binaural beats through wireless headphones to dive deep within your inner being. This 45 minute session will take you on a mesmerizing meditative journey.


Elements – This class focuses on harmonizing our relationship with nature and harnessing its energy. This centuries-old practice is grounded in the physical aspects of the world. Guided meditations with sounds, lights and visuals connect participants with the four natural elements, Earth, Water, Fire and Air.

Body Scan

This meditation focuses on one body part at a time, bringing awareness and relaxation to every part of the body. This 45 minute relaxing mindfulness journey helps you get to know your physical self without judgment.


This mindfulness meditation will guide you into present awareness simply through the awareness of your breathing. Learn to focus on your breathing in order to become calm and clear your head. This practice grounds you in the here and now. The session is offered in both 30 and 45 minute formats.

Positive Energy

This class features meditation practices in both 30 and 45 minute formats to delve within and focus on receiving/developing positive energy. Extract negative detrimental self-talk. Stop the nagging internal put downs. Give yourself a meditative pep talk and feel better, happier and joyful.


A meditation focusing on simply finding calm in the present moment. It starts with focusing on the breath, letting go of any tension and taking some time to simply be peaceful and at ease. Calm is offered in 30 and 45 minute formats.


A Mindflow exclusive. Learn how to use three envisioning/visualizing techniques to reveal your true potential. In this 1 hour class you will not only envision the outcome but develop the strategies to take productive action to make it a reality.

CBD & Meditation

This class is 90 minutes. It consists of a brief introduction on CBD, then a mindful drinking practice where CBD-infused tea will be served. The class begins with sipping the tea mindfully while listening to music. This is followed by a guided mediation featuring a mix of calming sounds including singing bowls, gongs and drum beats.


30 Minute Classes

30 Minute Single Class – $12
30 Minute 5-Class Pack – $50

45 Minute Classes

45 Minute Single Class – $15
45 Minute 5-Class Pack – $60



4 weeks $110
6 weeks $170
8 weeks $235

Private Instruction

One Hour: $100*

*Prices start at this rate.